C2_W2 Incorrect Class type

I am running into a class type error in C2 W2 Programming assignment. Not sure if there is an error with my notebook version of if something is wrong with my code.

All local test cases passes, but when I submit the assignment with the similar error related to the class type on Exercises 2 to 6

Any pointers on this error would be very helpful.

Exercise 2: pred_numpy

Filename: Exercise 2: pred_numpy

Grader output

Failed test case: Object pred_numpy has incorrect type… Expected: <class ‘function’>, but got: <class ‘NoneType’>.

You have to make sure if that is the output of a function it it is returned as a list or if needed as numpy array you have to use np.array().

I have the same issue, and I used np.array, what is my issue?