C2-W3 : account is still in cleanup ERROR

Hello when trying to launch the lab for the C2-W3 assignement I get the following error : " account is still in cleanup" What can I do to fix that ?

@Hamza_Benkhalil thank you for the message and sorry for the inconvenience. I have refreshed your account, please try to access again. It might take 10-15 min to load, but should work now.

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For about four days now, I have been facing this same problem - ‘account is still in cleanup’.

Just experience the same error. Unable to complete C1-W3. Please advise.

Hi ,

I’ve been facing same error. ‘Account is still in cleanup’ . Please help me out.

Hi @esanina. I’ve been facing ‘account is still in cleanup’ error. Please can you help me out.

@Faisal_H I have refreshed C2 W3 lab for you, please try to access it again.

@Ramesh_Chitara which course and lab do you have problem with?

@Mitchell_Thompson I have refreshed the C1W3 lab for you, please try again to access.

Hi, @esanina I have a same problem. “account is still in cleanup”. Please help me.
Lab week 4: Train a text classifier using Amazon SageMaker BlazingText built-in algorithm

Hello @esanina , I have the same problem for the past 4 days. In the Course 3 - Optimize ML Models and Deploy Human-in-the-Loop Pipelines, I cannot start W1, W2, and W3 assigments due to the same error - account still in cleanup and red AWS icon. Could you please help me with that? Thanks!

@David_Inga_Ninahuanc I have refreshed the lab for you.

@Mirek_Budhha could you please send me in a personal message your coursera username?

Hi @esanina , I tried again some times, but show the same error. Please help me with the C1-W4.

Train a text classifier using Amazon SageMaker BlazingText built-in algorithm.

Hi there! I hope you are well.
Same problem here… Every lab can’t be launched for me from last saturday.
Example: https://labs.vocareum.com/main/main.php?m=clabide&mode=s&asnid=420382&stepid=420383&hideNavBar=1

@Hector_Mateos sorry for the inconvenience. We have submitted the issue to the technical team, hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Hello, @esanina if you don’t mind refresh mine too. I can’t launch any of them due to the same issue, for example
Vocareum Labs

@momentumhd thank you for the message. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there are some technical issues and our engineering team is working on this.

Impossible to get any lab launched by the moment :S

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@Hector_Mateos unfortunately we are experiencing some technical issues. The engineering team is working on resolving them.