C2-W3 : account is still in cleanup ERROR

@Elena_Sanina Nothing has changed. I am still facing the same error.

@Hector_Mateos @Faisal_H we experienced some technical issues, but they just have been resolved.

Hi @esanina, I have the same issue “account is still in clean up”, I cannot restart the lab

@esanina I am unable to start the lab. I get a notification that the total amount spent has exceeded the total budget of $20. Please advise.

@Mitchell_Thompson thank you for the message. In which course and lab do you have this problem?

@vsalas thank you for the message. Could you please tell me in which course and lab you are facing this issue and send me your Coursera username/email in a private message.

@esanina , Course 1 - week 3: Train a model with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot

@Mitchell_Thompson, thank you for the information. Could you please send me a printscreen of the error and your Coursera username / email in a private message. So far I can’t identify the budget problem in your account.

@esanina , please disregard. The lab is working now. I’ll send a private message if there are any further complications.

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Hi I am having a similar problem C2 W2 lab was originally in clean up, not is not opening - just egg times on the amber setting

Just tried again and is is saying account is in clean up

hi, happens for me as well… what can I do?