C2_W3_Assignment Categorical Model

I have a question about the Course 2 Week 3 Assignment.
What is a categorical model ?
I know what categorical data are but I have never heard about categorical models.
Is it synonymous with classification ?

Hi Dalila,

Your intuition is exactly correct. Generally our dataset is called X and our target (or label) vector is called y. If y takes only finitely many possible discrete values (for example y consists of only 0 and 1 entries) then y is called a categorical label vector. Terminology can vary, but yes ‘categorical model’ just means any model which can be applied to make predictions about a dataset X with categorical label vector y. So a good example of a categorical model would be a logistic regression model, and more generally any classification model could be called a categorical model.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you Alex,
I understand now.

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