Please can you help and/or provide advise.

When I execute the notebook cell for C2 W3 Exercise 7.5, I keep getting the Pipeline Execution failure. I experience this issue even after re-starting my notebook kernel after 5 attempts. Here is a snippet of the cell output:

[{‘PipelineExecutionArn’: ‘arn:aws:sagemaker:us-east-1:786101420028:pipeline/bert-pipeline-1668472268/execution/1jszofru73lj’,
‘PipelineExecutionDisplayName’: ‘execution-1668472273979’,
‘PipelineExecutionFailureReason’: 'Step failure: One or multiple steps ’
‘PipelineExecutionStatus’: ‘Failed’,
‘StartTime’: datetime.datetime(2022, 11, 15, 0, 31, 13, 907000, tzinfo=tzlocal())}]
CPU times: user 185 ms, sys: 14.3 ms, total: 199 ms
Wall time: 508 ms

Also here is a copy of my notebook:
C2_W3_Assignment.ipynb (119.2 KB)

I get the same error but only after running for 15m41s.
More info
This step failed. For more information, view the logs
ClientError: AlgorithmError: See job logs for more information

processing info

This is the second time have run this lab where it fails at exercise 7.5 .
All the prior steps were run and variables updated as per instructions.
. Can you please advise.