C2_W3_Programming Assignment_Excercise 4

Hi, I donot know what Link I need to add here

I have been getting this value error and unavailable to understand where I am getting wrong, I feel as if i understand but not sure how to proceed or what to do…

ValueError: shapes (1,3) and (2,2000) not aligned: 3 (dim 1) != 2 (dim 0)
I have tried changing the previous details but nothing worked, and i am not getting any error prior to this…

attaching 2 pics regarding the same, Hope I am not posting anything against the rules of our community.

Please help!

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Sorry guys,
I identified my mistake

in line 26 I had to put A1 instead of X
If this post isn’t useful please delete it.
Thank you and apologies if i crossed any code of conduct.


Hi @anilget2009 ,

Great to hear you have found the problem on your own accord.
Posting solution code in the public forum would violate the code of conduct, but not error trace output.