C2_W3 S3UploadFailedError

I had to restart the JupyterLab and since then I can no longer run the following cell:


without getting the following error:

S3UploadFailedError: Failed to upload src/prepare_data.py to sagemaker-us-east-1-528683707162/sagemaker-scikit-learn-2021-11-28-19-24-18-515/input/code/prepare_data.py: An error occurred (NoSuchBucket) when calling the PutObject operation: The specified bucket does not exist

How can I fix this?

The s3 bucket hasn’t configured correctly please check whether the s3 bucket is present in lab env or not

Yesterday I checked and the s3 bucket was “not found”. However, today I finally managed to run the notebook again in incognito mode.

Thank you for your response.