C2_W4_Lab_01_Decision_Trees question on "node vs split"

The lab on C2_W4_Lab_01_Decision_Trees has the following text which I don’t follow:

  • 𝑤^left and 𝑤^right, the proportion of animals in each node.
  • p^left and p^right, the proportion of cats in each split.

Note the difference between these two definitions!!

Why is this distinction being made? The p^left and p^right can be conceptually associated with the left/right nodes, as the video lectures do.

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Hello Sundar @nssundar,

Indeed, without a split, there are no nodes. Also, although there are two nodes, there is only one split.

With the superscripts “left” and “right”, nobody would deny they are associated with the two nodes. How would you distinguish them (w and p)?


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In practice, you are correct that w_left and w_right refer to the proportions in each branch of the node (after it is split).

Thank you, @rmwkwok and @TMosh . I was feeling that I am missing something, but your answers help to clarify that’s probably not the case.

Can we request the course instructor/administrator to clarify or remove this text?


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I can submit a support ticket for it.

Thank you so much, @TMosh ! Appreciate your help.

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