C2W1 Assignment: No anomaly found for serving df

In exercise 7, I could not find any anomaly in serving_df. Please guide me what is the possible reason. Thanks

Hi Soroosh,

Thanks for raising your question.
It is hard to say where the problem exactly lies with the given information, but one thing which is good to check is the code under Exercise 5 and in particular where your statistics are referring to in the graded function:
def calculate_and_display_anomalies(statistics, schema):

If you are sure that is OK, you can share via private message your notebook with me, so I can take a look through the code (Please do not share notebooks in public so as not to violate the Honor code).

Good luck


Thnaks, worked for me after chnaging a bit of code in excercise 5… :slight_smile:

what exactly did you change? I have the same issue…

never mind, I see it now, I fact I also understand why you didn’t say what the solution to the problem was :slight_smile:

You have to change in the function…may be in the above exercise, you have created a function that could only perform the operation on a particular set of data. Try to make a function that is available globally insteas for a particular set. Hint:- it depends on the parameters that you have to pass while creating the function.