C2W1 Assignment submission error

I got the same error for each exercise upon submitting the assignment for C2W1 as it is shown in the picture below:

I double checked, and the solution is working and giving the expected results for all the cells and exercises

I am not a mentor for that course, and i have limited availability at this time. So i may not be able to reply further.

Typically this sort of error from the grader means there is a problem with your notebook. This makes the grader crash and throw a confusing error message.

This could be…
You added a cell to the notebook
You deleted a cell.
You downloaded the notebook to work on another platform, and then uploaded it back to Coursera for grading.
You renamed the notebook.
You used a global variable that the grader doesn’t provide.

All of those can cause grader problems.

The usual fix is to delete your notebook and get a fresh copy, and start over.

Instructions can be found via a forum search.


solved thank you

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