C2W1_Assignment tfdv.visualize_statistics() issue

The method tfdv.visualize_statistics() to visualize the stats does not show any chart in the notebook. It runs successfully, but shows no error and no charts. I encountered the same issue even in the practice lab - TFDV exercise

Maybe you could try using a different browser. Or try disabling any pop-up blockers.

Hello @Rajkumar_Kaliyaperum
On top of what @TMosh has said. Sometimes visualization in TFDV relies on Matplotlib for rendering the charts. Try running:

%matplotlib inline

before running:



Hi @TMosh - Tried changing the browser as well as pop-blocker. Did not solve the issue. I dont think the chart would be a separate pop up. So, it is unlikely to be an issue.

Thanks @Isaak_Kamau . But, that did not solve the issue.

I resolved this issue by clicking on the Trusted botton on top of the jupyter notebook. The charts are visible now. Thanks

Thanks for your report.

Hey Rajkumar, I did as you said, I still have issues with it, any idea?

It works, but doesn’t seem to be a constant, sometimes works sometimes it doesn’t.