C2W1 - Can't access week1 assignment - account is still in cleanup

I couldn’t access week 1 assignment, when i click ‘start lab’ button, it’s running for few seconds and stoped, with left top corner aws show red, when i reclicked the ‘start lab’ it showing account is still in cleanup, i have been seeing same message from past two days (issue persists), i cleared my cookie in my browser i even restarted my system but still same issue, can any one help me on this.
My AWS user id: voclabs/user1761374=mohan_kumar

I have been having the same issue for C3W1 for more than 3 days. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

@esanina can you help me on this issue please

@mohan_kumar @wkuopt could you please send me your coursera usernames and in which labs you have the access problems. Thank you!

Thank you @esanina. I have sent the info to you.

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Hello esanina,
My coursera username is mohankumarc12@gmail.com, the problem is course 2 week 1, now here is a new problem, i was subscriber of full access catalog, and i lost my access today, because coursera end full access catalog to all, i reported this issue ~8 days ago, and i don’t want to pay for this course just to finish the assignment, so can you give me access to this assignment for 24 hours, and i finish the assignment, and get the certificate.


@mohan_kumar thank you for the details. The lab should work for you now. Regarding the course access please contact Coursera Learners Help Center, mentionining that you have had a problem with one lab.

Thanks @esanina I send an request to coursera learners help center
I was a full catalog subscriber, While working of course Practical Data Science (deeplearning.ai), I encounter problem with course 2 week 1 lab, around December 28, 2021, I raised this issue both in coursera discussion forum and in deeplearnin.ai forum but no response, today esanina (Staff deeplearning forum) replied that my lab issue should be resolved, but coursera stoped support of my full catalog access on jan 5 2022, so almost 7 day with the subscription I have the issue did not resolved, so I couldn’t complete the course and hence the certificate of course 2, as well as certificate of the specialization. I don’t want to pay for completing one lab, I think I have a reasonable request, so can you please give access to that particular lab for 2 (or) 3 days,(hopefully as esanina mention the issue is resolved). I can finish the course and as well as the whole specialization and also give me access to the course and specialization certificate. my account is is mohankumarc12@gmail.com

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Dear Esanina,
I have the same problem “account is still in cleanup” in Week1- Feature transformation with Amazon SageMaker processing job and Feature Store.
Could you please help me?
My username is mbmabadie@gmail.com

@Mohammad_Badia_Alfat could you please try again - it might take some time to load, but should work now.

Hello! I have occurred the same problem with the assignment for week 2 (C2W2). I have been trying for about 3 days but the account is still in cleanup. Can you help me resolve the issue?

@dilky97 thank you for the message. Could you please send me your Coursera username / email, so I can refresh the lab for you.

Terrible job, I have a lot of mistakes. Hello AWS ? Can’t test work? Why should I manually update packages? The bottom, just the bottom. spent many hours to see the error all the time.

@Vitalii01 sorry to hear that you are facing the issues trying to access the lab and thank you for your patience. I have refreshed the C2W1 lab account for you, could you please try to access it again and let me know how it works.


I don’t know what you updated, but I have to manually update the libraries, and google the errors. I’m busy now, but I’ll definitely write everything down for you, from scratch.

вт, 21 мар. 2023 г. в 01:08, Elena Sanina via DeepLearning.AI <notifications@dlai.discoursemail.com>:

Hey Vitalii,

Dependency problems with the transformers library can be fixed by changing the kernel to “Data Science 2.0” it is in the top right corner after you load an assignment, just click on “Data Science” then there will be a drop down menu where you can choose it. I just tested it on C2W1 and it works fine.

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