C2W1: Exercise 6

I am getting the following error, whenever I am tryng to run Exercise 6.
Kindly help to fix it.

Hmm. It looks to me like there is nothing wrong. Could you post your wrong notebook so I can take a closer peek?

PFA the assignment notebook.
C2_W1_Assignment.ipynb (49.1 KB)

C2_W1_Assignment_Issue.ipynb (70.8 KB)
Issue2.pdf (642.5 KB)

I think I found the problem(s). For exercise 5 - the cell just above your first screenshot - the values in the query are incorrect. If you read the question again there are some hints you must have missed. Also, the output location for feature_store_query_2 will need to be changed. Each session you make will have a different bucket and offline prefix associated with it. That’s why we used string expansion to define the output earlier on, it is effective at making the code more portable.