C2W2 assignment preprocessing function ‘invalid syntax&dict object not callible’ during execution

When I try to run the ‘’_CATEGORICAL_FEATURE_KEYS’’ which is pre defined in the notebook. It gives me an invalid syntax error for which i haven’t changed any indentation. If i rerun it again it gives me “dict is not callable”

could you please help me.

Hello @mukul12345 ,
Welcome to the course and thanks for your question.
I don’t see a mistake in your for key in _CATEGORICAL_FEATURE_KEYS definition, but in the lines below there appears to be an error in the traffic_volume line of code (inputs and VOLUME_KEY appear as one word). Could you please try to rewrite that part and include the _fill_in_missing function?
From tensorflow error messages it is not so clear to me that this was causing the issue, but it’s good to try as a first step.

Good luck and best regards!