C2W2 Assignment- Something not right several places, question re Exercise 5

At Exercise 5, I’ve used the " context.run(example_validator) "

It keeps coming back with invalid syntax. I know this is right. Another place before this, I retyped the same code that didn’t work and after retyping it did.

Is there an issue?

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Hi Dave! Welcome to Discourse! Are you still having this issue? Maybe the problem is with how you declared the ExampleValidator instance. Can you post the exact error message? Thanks!

I cleared the entire block and retyped. It then worked.

I see. Glad it’s working now!

For anyone seeing this in the future, be sure that all prior functions in the block (i.e. look for a function right before context.run) have a closing parenthesis.

Example block code:
myVar = myMultiLineFunctionCall (

)This last parenthesis may be missing.

This is what fixed it for me.