C2W2_Environment- create on my laptop?

Is it possible to create a similar environment to the one you are using? Could you provide a txt file listing functions/versions of the python libraries used?

I am trying to run the lab1 simple feature engineering on my laptop and get “type object ‘DataFrame’ has no attribute ‘backfill’” error when I want to generate the transformed dataset. I use tf 2.6.0 and transform 1.3.0. I see your versions are 2.3.1 and 0.24.1. Thanks, Gilles

Have you tried running

!pip list

from a notebook cell?

For me, it produces a list like this…

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 12.51.14 PM

Hope this helps

yes I ran this, change it into a requirement.txt file, and created an environment from this. I got errors - versions not found mainly - and could not recreate the environment. I was hoping the course would provide a requirement file like they did in the ungraded lab of the intro course.