C2w2 Exercise 6

Not sure if I posting the correct place but having a problem with C2W2 exercise 6

Not sure how to use the hint correctly

# Transform the strings into indices 
# hint: use the VOCAB_SIZE and OOV_SIZE to define the top_k and num_oov parameters
    outputs[_transformed_name(key)] = tft.compute_and_apply_vocabulary(inputs[key])

Hi Ket1,

I think the hint tells you that the function that you need to apply there needs two additional parameters apart from the inputs, and those are mentioned there. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I am not quite sure how to use this discourse for discussions. I kind of got there by chance. I have the general link that I click on and I am obviously a member, but do you put in the course title to get where the discussions are for any particular course? I wonder why they don’t add that link for each course on the left panel so it will take you directly there instead of TAs keep messaging every user to do so and provide a link that takes you to the general page. A link specific to each course.

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Hi Kevin,

you can directly access the course forum for the MLEP course 2 via this link: https://community.deeplearning.ai/c/machine-learning-engineering-for-production/mlep-course-2/28.

For easy navigation you can go to the top and check out the other forums from there:

Hope this helps, Nils