C2w2: grading broken

I’ve completed the lab assignment but the grading thing is broken. All my cells work as expected with outcomes etc. What’ the course of action without loosing all the data?

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Does this help?


thanks for the reply. the page gives screenshots for showing the metadata. this does not help as I use a screen reader, being blind. So what’s the process for getting a new notebook?

There is no help button to load the latest notebook. this is getting really annoying as it’s wasting my weekend.

Ok, so with a screen reader the top menu disappears when reloading the page. that’s why the help wasn’t there. I didn’t however rename the file through the file/open operation as again, this is very finicky with a screen reader. So I copy pasted the relevant cells. Now seems to work. it would be good to mention this as a difficulty for blind MLOps like myself :slight_smile:

Ok, still not working. For some reason, the grades show 10/10 per exercise at the beginning then back to 0/10. Digging into the error, it shows:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:

unexpected indent (, line 166)

How does one find 166 in those separated cells?

I’m unsure what line 166 means.

try jupyter-nbconvert --to python yournotebook.ipynb to see if there’s anything useful in python line 166 (ignore comments to see if it makes a difference).

If you have trouble finding the problem, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

As far as support for screen reader is concerned, please contact coursera help

Nothing. The .py file leads to a commented line on 166. I did:
grep -v “#” c2xxx.py > log.out

Same thing, log.out line 166 has nothing in it.

Sending you the notebook

Here are 2 hints:

  1. Please fix the indentation for Exercise 5: ExampleValidator
  2. Read this post as well.
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Got it. Fixed up and passed. thanks for your assistance.

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