C2W2 Lab Error - 'Transform' is not defined

Not able to run C2W2 lab. Getting the following error:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
name ‘Transform’ is not defined

Has anyone encountered the same?

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Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production

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Regards the issue, looks like some code wasn’t running correctly.

The error message suggests that you are try to run/execute a code that doesn’t exists.

In simple terms, you have to import/run/execute/instantiate a transform package/function/class before use it

It was defined and executed.

transform = Transform(

context.run(transform, enable_cache=False)

Hi Ree. It’s likely that the Transform method isn’t imported. You will only see something similar to import tfx at the top. If so, you may want to use the prefix with the string tfx.v1... so it will know how to find the Transform method. Please refer to the ungraded labs that only imports tfx and not the Transform, CsvExampleGen, etc for reference. Hope this helps.

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