C2W3_Assignment errors

I’m getting the following grader output for each exercise in the C2W3_Assignment:
The notebook you provided has a syntax error that prevents it from compiling.

All the graded cells inside the notebook work correctly (I can see the output and it is exactly the same to te expected output).


Hi! By any chance, did you create a copy of the assignment and worked from there instead of the default notebook provided? The grader expects the filename: C2W3_Assignment.ipynb so if that file is blank, then you will get that error from the grader. You can check if you have the correct filename if you relaunch the notebook from Coursera and, by default, see the notebook with your solutions. You shouldn’t need to open the Jupyter file tree just to open your notebook.

Once you’ve renamed it to the correct filename, don’t forget to click File > Save and Checkpoint before submitting. I’ve encountered cases in the past where a previous checkpoint was being graded. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I did not create a copy of the notebook as you mentioned. So your solution can’t solve the problem that I’m experiencing :worried:

Hi! Please check your inbox. We may need a copy of your notebook to replicate the issue. Thanks!

Hi Concern,
I am facing the same issue for this assignment (C2W3 assignment). please. help me to complete it.

Hi Ahsan! Can you first check all pointers here before we investigate further? : C2W3 Assignment Grading failed on all exercises despite correct work - #21 by chris.favila

Also, make sure that you are not loading a ‘schema.pbtxt’ in Exercise 8. You should be able to load the schema artifact from the ImporterNode results like in the ungraded lab. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris.

I checked the assignment. still its showing grading failure after i resubmit it.
can you please help me to continue?

Hi Ahsan! Please check your inbox. Thanks!

Hi Could anyone send me the original notebook, my bad I did not save the original notebook and now I am getting all sorts of error while submitting assignment, though my all solution’s are correct