C2W3_Assignment MLOps Score not working

my C2W2_Assignment MLOps is not working always getting this error : There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘outputs’

If you’ve:

  1. Made no python related errors
  2. Coded at places only where required
  3. Used global variables only when local variables couldn’t be used

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

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Please submit the notebook you messaged me with name C2W3_Assignment.ipynb. The grader scored the submission as 90%. Here’s the feedback given by the grader for the places where you lost points:

Feature Selection
Failed test case: X_new has incorrect type.
<class 'numpy.ndarray'>,
but got:
<class 'sklearn.feature_selection._univariate_selection.SelectKBest'>.

Hope these hint helps as well:

  1. # Get the list of artifacts associated with the parent_artifact_ids
  2. execution_id is incorrectly computed.
Failed test case: your get_parent_artifacts function returned an incorrectly-defined parent_artifact_list (showing changed values with respect to correct parent_artifact_list).
but got:
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Thank you :slight_smile: