C3_W1_Lab_1_transfer_learning_cats_dogs: Error in predict test image

This is first lab on transfer learning. I have kept most of the code same with a few tweaks in parameters and epochs.
I am getting the following error while trying to predict the class of a test image:
MessageError: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

How do I fix this?

Share the screenshot of the error you are encountering. Please do not share any codes here as it is against community guidelines.


Thanks for getting back. Please find the screenshot below:

Can you mention this error you got is related to which exercise from the assignment?

This issue is more related to file not being uploaded properly in the environment you are using.

In case you are using safari browser, try using a different browser like chrome browser.

This assignment requires you correctly mount the data_dir to the google drive at the beginning of the assignment, if that steps was not done correctly can also create issue.

Can you check if the google drive has the folder TF3 C3 W1 Data/"