C3_W1_Lab_2_TFX_Tuner_and_Trainer, Problem in Tuner section

Hello Learners,

During the execution of the lab, I encountered an error in the Tuner section, specifically:
“ValueError: Missing data for input ‘flatten_input’. The provided data dictionary contains the keys [‘image_xf’], but the expected keys are [‘flatten_input’].”
I’m seeking advice on potential solutions to resolve this issue. Can you provide any suggestions or ideas?
Thank you,

Happy learning!

Hi @Farzad_Niakan , based on the message error, it seems that you are passing the wrong data to your function. To get more info, I suggest you use a print in the data element to visualize the data type in use. The, if it is really incorrect, you need to go back in the code to find where things start to get wrong.
Keep learning!