C3_W2 assignment

I dont understand what to code in assignment and when i submit answer the result ask for mean and median and when i provide it the grade is zero

This assignment is quite confusing, I find. Here are some tips:

For each Exercise, you’re given a code cell that you can use as a scratchpad to do your own calculations for that question, if you feel you want to experiment with some python code to make the calculations.

These code cells are totally ignored by the grader.

Your answers for each Exercise are entered by clicking on the cell that says “Run this cell to submit your answer”. What this cell does is put up some text boxes (or buttons) where you can enter the values you feel are correct. Then you click on the Save button, and your answers are recorded in a JSON file that’s held in the background in your workspace.

You repeat this process for all 12 exercises.

When you’ve finished them all, you can click on the Submit button, and the JSON file is sent to the grader, and your answers are verified.

For most of the Exercises, you don’t need to calculate anything complicated, just some simple probabilities, or maybe work out a few dice role combinations on pencil and paper. Do whatever you feel will give you the correct answers to the questions that are in the text boxes.

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