C3_W2 Content-based filtering quiz is missing a diagram

Hey there :slight_smile: I wanted to report a potential problem here.

Question 3 of C3_W2 Content-based filtering quiz refers to a diagram, but it wasn’t included in the quiz.

Also, options B & C are opposites, and both are considered correct here… I know that user and item networks can have similar or different architectures but if we are talking about a single diagram here, they could either be similar or different, not both simultaneously!

P.S. I could only get this question right by trial and error…

Hi @Sina_Jalali,
Weird. I see separate diagrams fro each option (which is how B & C can both be true - separate diagrams for each).
What browser are you using? Maybe there’s a browser-specific issue with displaying the diagrams

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Oh, I see…
I’m using firefox on Linux. But after you said the diagrams are showing up for you, I figured out the problem. it turned out the couse of this issue was my internet connection. I’m from Iran, and unfortunately, there are some heavy internet restrictions going on here these days. that explains it…

I just used a VPN and the diagrams loaded smoothly.
Thank you very much for your reply.

Wow! Not a reason I was imagining. Makes sense, but sobering.