C3_W2_PCA in code (Scikit) - Error?

Should this be pca_1 instead of pca (see image above) ?
Since PCA() was instantiated using pca_1.

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Update: it should be pca_1 and not pca.inverse_transform. Lab mentioned it as pca_1 only.

Assuming that the the code not shown in this slide is using this sckkit-learn class definition:

Yes, I think you are correct.

pca_1 is an instance of the scikit-learn PCA class.

It has several methods, as shown here - including inverse_transform():


Thank you Tom again for correcting me and sorry Roy, it should be pca_1 but what I noticed in my lab the code mentioned it as pca_1 only for inverse_transform, I don’t get if the image you shared is from one of the videos.


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The name of the video is in the thread title.

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