C3_W2_RecSysNN_Assignment. top10_df and bygenre_df producing no output. in VSC

Running C3_W2_RecSysNN_Assignment in the jupyter, the top10_df and bygenre_df shows table output:

When I use the same code in VSC:

nothing happens. The procedures are executed but no output is generated.

During the entire specialization I’m using VSC and I getting the same results as in the jupyter environment. OK, sometimes I had to make some minor adjustments.

What could be wrong here?

Hi @Goran_Hrzenjak ,

I don’t know about VSC. I assumed you have checked that the data file is in the path/location as specified.

Hi Kic,

the data from “./data/content_top10_df.csv” is in the path and is loaded. I can see it in debugger.

The call to top10_df and bygenre_df are not producing any output. As you can see from the screenshot below for the top_df:

There is no printout in the VSC TERMIAL, whereas the same procedure top10_df in the jupyter produces the list of movies, see in the screenshot atop this topic, above.

Hi Kim, I found the solution

in the jupyter, there is just top10_df.
In the VSC, you have to print it:

That’s all.