C3_W4_assgnment question

Can any one tell me what “c” mean in the line of "multiply c with 2.0 and subtract it out of negative_zero_on_duplicate?

your post heading say course 3 week 4 but you have selected week 1 AI for public health. Please mention the assignment name in case you are confused about choosing the right course and week

Sorry for the confusion. It is the part of TripletLossfn fucntion in C3_W4_Assignment

Hi @Yonglan_Liu,

As @Deepti_Prasad pointed out, you have asked your query in the AI for Good specialisation category, which is why there has been confusion on her part as well. Notice labelled in blue below:
Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 11.01.10 AM

But what you are asking is not from the AI for Good specialisation, but from Course 3 of Natural Language Processing specialisation. You can edit your post to move it in the right category by clicking the pencil icon (marked in red).

But don’t worry, for now, I have done that for you. Make sure you post in the right category in the future so that the relevant mentors can help you out promptly.

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Now that this is sorted, lets now talk about what you are asking.

There’s no such comment in the notebook which talks about c.

I believe this is the comment you are talking about, and this is how it is present in the notebook:

# multiply `mask_exclude_positives` with 2.0 and subtract it out of `negative_zero_on_duplicate`

Here’s the screenshot from the assignment:

If you version of the notebook has the comment, " multiply c with 2.0 and subtract it out of negative_zero_on_duplicate", then this means this is not the latest notebook of this assignment, and you have probably taken your notebook from the internet or something.

Please get the latest version of the assignment by following the instructions, under the heading Refreshing your Workspace. If you don’t submit the latest version of the assignment for grading, then you might end up having grader errors.


Thank you for clarifying. I used the newest version. But another possibility is that I edit it by myself by accident. Anyway, I have finished this assignment and submitted it.