C3-W5-QuickLab got stuck at Task 5

Anybody encounters this? When I was working on the QuickLab of C3-W5, it got stuck at Task 5. and eventually in my second wrong, I got a Error back.
Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot.

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Same, I’m also stuck on Task 5. The cell just runs forever, it seems like. I wasn’t able to pass on my first attempt. I am on my second attempt and it seems that this one will fail as well.

I am in the same position

Hi everyone! Can you post a screenshot of the error you’re getting? That will help us in troubleshooting. I just ran the lab right now and it’s working as expected. The cell does take a while to run but it should succeed as long as all previous tasks in the instructions are executed.


CalledProcessError: Command ‘b’# note TF_VERSION and ENDPOINT_NAME set in 1st cell\n# TF_VERSION=2-6\n# ENDPOINT_NAME=flights\nTIMESTAMP=(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)\nMODEL_NAME={ENDPOINT_NAME}-{TIMESTAMP}\nEXPORT_PATH=(gsutil ls ${OUTDIR}/export | tail -1)\necho EXPORT_PATH\n# create the model endpoint for deploying the model\nif [[ (gcloud beta ai endpoints list --region=REGION \\\n --format=\'value(DISPLAY_NAME)\' --filter=display_name={ENDPOINT_NAME}) ]]; then\n echo “Endpoint for $MODEL_NAME already exists”\nelse\n echo "Creating Endpoint for MODEL_NAME"\n gcloud beta ai endpoints create --region={REGION} --display-name={ENDPOINT_NAME}\nfi\nENDPOINT_ID=(gcloud beta ai endpoints list --region=REGION \\\n --format=\'value(ENDPOINT_ID)\' --filter=display_name={ENDPOINT_NAME})\necho "ENDPOINT_ID=ENDPOINT_ID"\n# delete any existing models with this name\nfor MODEL_ID in (gcloud beta ai models list --region=REGION --format=\'value(MODEL_ID)\' --filter=display_name={MODEL_NAME}); do\n echo "Deleting existing $MODEL_NAME … $MODEL_ID "\n gcloud ai models delete --region=$REGION $MODEL_ID\ndone\n# create the model using the parameters docker conatiner image and artifact uri\ngcloud beta ai models upload --region=$REGION --display-name=MODEL_NAME \\\n --container-image-uri=us-docker.pkg.dev/vertex-ai/prediction/tf2-cpu.{TF_VERSION}:latest \\n --artifact-uri=EXPORT_PATH\nMODEL_ID=(gcloud beta ai models list --region=REGION --format=\'value(MODEL_ID)\' --filter=display_name={MODEL_NAME})\necho “MODEL_ID=$MODEL_ID”\n# deploy the model to the endpoint\ngcloud beta ai endpoints deploy-model $ENDPOINT_ID \\n --region=$REGION \\n --model=$MODEL_ID \\n --display-name=$MODEL_NAME \\n --machine-type=n1-standard-2 \\n --min-replica-count=1 \\n --max-replica-count=1 \\n --traffic-split=0=100\n’’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

This is the error i got after running it once

Looks like something wrong in bucketization

by the way I had this error on this step

Also, maybe I did something not the same on new versions of design of Google Cloud. And

On the Notebook instances page, click New Notebook > TensorFlow Enterprise > TensorFlow Enterprise 2.6 (with LTS) > Without GPUs.

I had options like this

And no options of Tensorflow while I created Notebook
Should we not try it for free?

oh, looks like you should choose here