C3W1 assignment

Stuck on Task 1:

Not sure what I should be expecting after typing “Cloud AutoML” into the search bar and hitting search. The following screenshot is what I see. How would I observe Cloud AutoML API is in the Enable state? I really wish for a timed lab the instructions would be more detailed and contain more screenshots of an environment the student likely has never seen before.

  1. In the search bar type in “Cloud AutoML”.
  2. Observe the Cloud AutoML API is in the Enable state.

Look for apis and services via the search bar.
Once you enter the page, search for Cloud AutoML API. Ensure that this is in enabled state.

You can access automl via https://console.cloud.google.com/vertex-ai

Thanks but this is just info from the assignment, which I followed, and I got what was shown in the screenshot. I see no indication that AutoML is enabled. Can you provide a screenshot of what I should be seeing?


I proceeded with the Task 1 “Setting up AutoML” despite not being able to confirm whether Cloud AutoML API is in the enabled state, I ran all the steps in the cloud shell up to and including task 2 “uploading training images to cloud storage”, but I don’t see a bucket being created. This assignment has been really frustrating, please provide more detailed instructions and screenshots along each step.