C3W1 Graded App - Error Creating Bucket


I am running into an error trying to create the bucket for the above lab. Here is the terminal command and output error

student_03_32ebdd465779@cloudshell:~$ gsutil mb -p $GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT \
    -c standard    \
    -l us-central1 \
CommandException: "mb" command does not support "file://" URLs. Did you mean to use a gs:// URL?

I’m sure I’ve logged into the google lab with a student account (not with my personal google account). Is there something obvious that I have missed?

So, I managed to get this working by swapping to a private browser and copying the links to open browser windows instead of clicking on them which was auto populating a different account. Hope this helps someone else.

Unfortunately I did not manage to make hot work. Can you please provide a more detailed explanation?

Not very encouraging marketing for Google cloud if even the simple trainings don’t work.