C3w1 no sagemaker domain

Can’t start sagemaker studio. There is no domain, and I can’t seem to create a new one either.

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Hi @Yogi_Nadkarni

We got some troubleshooting steps at the AWS support webpage.

Please, follow this steps and let me know the results

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Hi @elirod,

I’m not seeing forbidden or unauthenticated errors. I get into the AWS console just fine. But when I’m in sagemaker, I don’t see the domain.


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I am having the same issue. When I click “Studio”, instead of “Open Studio” I see a “Create a SageMaker domain” button. When I click that it stays loading forever.

Having this issue since 2 days ago.

HI Yogi and Rafael. Sorry I made an unrelated post here earlier. Please ignore it if you see it in your inbox. That is for a different course.

Yeah, I am having the same issue as you. The boto3 error is supposed to be fixed by now, as per a post here by staff, however, now I don’t have access to SageMaker domain. This is super frustrating because this is not a free course and it is kinda costly compared to other courses, which would make you expect that everything would be fine and running.

Here is the error:

It looks to me that it is a sagemaker issue. Not sure about that.

@elirod I am also seeing the same issue for the C2W1 assignment:

Can we get a fix here? It makes it impossible to submit assignment/complete the course

For the Sagemaker issue, please follow this thread:


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