C3W1 Test 4 failed: Tuning Job was not completed

  • First two tuning jobs did not complete (1/2 failed, 1/2 stopped)
  • Most recent tuning jobs completed (2/2 succeeded)
  • Grading continues to show tuning jobs as not completed

Do you have any suggestions for resolving this issue?

Thank you.

My tunning job was completed but the grader gave me 0/15. Everything else worked. I’m not sure how to solve it.

@esanina @Mubsi

Course 3, Week 1 Programming lab: Optimize models using Automatic Model Tuning

Earlier hyperparameter tuning jobs failed, but later tuning jobs completed successfully. Yet, the grader assigns a score of 0: “Tuning Job was not completed”. The grader should refer to completion status of latest tuning job, rather than earlier tuning jobs.

Please look into this grader issue. Thank you.

@Gabrielm @Tze_Cheun_Lee @sxren thank you for the messages. Could you please email me your notebooks: elena.sanina@deeplearning.ai
Thank you!