C3W1 ungraded tool: Qwiklabs asks me to sign in

I’m trying to take a look at A Tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud but after opening the link it’s asked me to “Please sign-in to complete LTI enrollment”. Do I need to sign up in order to access it?

I think in previous courses there were some temporary credentials generated we could use to sign in to this sort of thing, rather than using e.g. my personal gmail account.

I’ve tried accessing it in an incognito browser and it says the same thing. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Below are screenshots of the pages I can see (masked my email address):

Hi Ollie! Welcome to Discourse! If you’ve already tried everything mentioned here (particularly steps 4 and 5), can you try contacting the Coursera support channels so they can verify your enrolment? Link here: How to contact Coursera – Coursera Help Center . I will also open a ticket for our team but since Qwiklabs is a third party tool, Coursera might be able to check the backend details quicker. Let me know how it goes. I will also keep you posted. Thanks!

Hey , You should sign in with your gmail account. Then you will get the seperate credentials for accessing the google cloud. I have logged in with my personal gmail account and it worked. The reasoning they provide to initially log in with personal account is to kind of stopping concurrent generation of new instances for same user.


Thanks @gsasikiran - I can confirm I logged in with my personal gmail account and in the next screen it provided me with the test details “student-xyz” etc.

I was just a little hesitant at first to connect it with my personal account :slight_smile: everything looks fine though. Thanks!