C3W2 - problem with

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return model

my code only can run if I set the output layer units at 7, and the model is overfitting, train_accuracy to 1, val_acc is 0.75. why is this happen?

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Next based on

This is indeed overfitting issue. The last layer being chosen as 7 could be related to the class of the data being using.

Can you explain more a bit on what kind of data in hand you have and the choice of layers you chose in brief explanation.



Sorry for the confusion, I thought I put the right category.

there is the result from the function, all the outputs previously are the same as the expected results. If I changed the output layer to unit 5, I got the error I attached below. If I changed it to 7, the model can run but overfit no matter how I tune the hyperparameters (epochs/ layers/ units). Could you help me with it?

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issue is not only with unit choice of dense layer, issue is more with the labelling of your data.

You have given a label value of 87 where as the assignment is looking for [0,5] based on your error output.