C3w2 Pruning - Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

What is the meaning of the p with the overbar ? I guess here it is not referring to the average of the value of p… or is it?

(Initially, I thought it meant the probability of not winning, but then on the next line below you have the equation for the probability of winning for n tickets, while to the left of the equals sign again there is the p with overbar, hence my confusion.)

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 18.05.30

Hi Shahin,

Thanks a lot for highlighting this.
Your initial thought is right; p-bar means the probability of not winning and therefore the equation at the bottom (describing the probability of at least one winning ticket out of n tickets) is wrong, because the overbar should be taken out:


I’ll pass it on to the quality team to get it corrected.

Thanks again and happy learning,

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