C3W2 Single Value Decomposition or Singular Value Decomposition


In “Other Techniques” lecture, professor Robert discussed about unsupervised algorithmic dimensionality reduction technique called SVD “Single Value Decomposition”. Does he want to mention “Singular Value Decomposition”? Could we use “Single” and “Singular” interchangeably in this phrase?

Hi @Kenjiro
You are right about it. I agree with you that Prof.Robert Crow wanted to refer the ‘Singular Value Decomposition’. I will forward your suggestion internally for fixing. At the moment please use ‘Single’ and ‘Singular’ interchangeable in that video.

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Thank you so much for your reply and your precious time.

Hi @Kenjiro
I have opened an internal ticket asking to replace the term ‘single’ with ‘singular’.
Unfortunately the teacher uses always the term ‘single’ and so the fix will require to record a new audio. I hope the Coursera people will be able to do that.
Anyway the slide title could be fixed.

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