C3W3 Graded External Tool, Human Loop Tasks: Inactive 'Submit' button

Ps see img below; amazon sagemaker submit button inactive and therefore cannot complete task. I also include output of code to check status of the human loop which lists all 3 tasks for human labelling. Restarting the task returns to the same page.

@OzmaMcithwa Thanks for reporting the issue. I could not reproduce it. Could you please send the full screenshot of the screen (so I can see the Submit button) and the notebook in the private message. Thank you!

Thank you for your message; I attach a full page screenshot below.

Hi Elena
How do I send you my notebook in a private message? The message to your email address did not get delivered. Is it enough to simply flag a post with the notebook attached? Regards,

@OzmaMcithwa you can post it here then. Otherwise, my email is elena.sanina@deeplearning.ai
Thank you!

@OzmaMcithwa Thanks for the printscreen and the notebook. I tested it and did not face any problems, and the Submit button was working properly. Could you please restart the Kernel and try to run the notebook again? In case of any problems, please send us the lab link and AWS account number:

Thank you!

Hi Elena,

I am facing the same issue. I restarted the kernel and tried again but same issue.
I will email you my notebook shortly. Can you please take a look and let me know if anything is wrong.


Thank you @sachinkl Please send me the notebook, lab item Link and the AWS account number.

I just tried again after the 4hr reset, but still same error so not sure if something is wrong in my code or the AWS instance.

Thank you @sachinkl , we will investigate it

Hi Elena, below are my details as requested. I’ve made several attempts to resolve: restarted kernel as you’d proposed, cleared all outputs and restarted kernel, logged out and back into sagemaker, refreshed human loop login details as per each notebook restart new task login details, unfortunately all to no avail.

I also include the task link below. Thank you and regards,

@OzmaMcithwa thank you. Could you please describe the problem. From the printscreen the Submit button looks enabled, and we can’t find any issue with the account. Which problem are you facing right now?

@sachinkl Thank you for the notebook. Please check the solutions of the Exercise 10 - you need to pass the predictions and the review text into the listed keys of the dictionary.

Yes it gives the impression of being active with the profiling colour when pressed. However, nothing happens, the selected label is not accepted. The expected response is for the site to serve the next review to label, until all 3 have been labelled. The notebook then also gets stuck on the message: ‘Waiting for HumanLoop to complete.’

Thanks for the description @OzmaMcithwa We’ll investigate it more and I’ll get back to you. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks Elena. I misinterpreted the instructions.
After correcting it, everything worked fine for me.
Appreciate the help.

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@OzmaMcithwa Could you please show your “Developer Tools” panel to see if there’a any javascript errors. Here is an example how to find Developer Tools in Chrome for Mac. For Windows or any other browsers it should be something similar:

Elena thank you so much for your unremitting efforts to help me to resolve this issue. Yes indeed there are js errors, see image below. Well done for working it out!

Not sure how you and your team will decide to handle this as I have completed the assignment by switching to a different laptop where I encountered none of the issues, errors. Thank you so much once more for all your hard work. Best regards :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@OzmaMcithwa thank you so much for the information. I am glad it worked on a different laptop. We will investigate the appearing errors further and might ask for some more details later if that’s ok.

Happy Learning!

I am more than happy to assist in any way I can. Thank you!