C3W3 issue in assignment

it seems so many has issues with updating tf job. Even though we did the update, it does not work yet.

Is there a possible to make this assignment optional or a grade of 70. I can not get my certificate because of this assignment and I have done it multiple times but I saw no error.


having the same problemmmm
talk to support

which support? I talked to coursera and qwiklab.

Hi all! Based on Abdulrahman’s screenshot, it seems like you used the image and args that were provided as an example in the instructions. You will need to fill those with the image and bucket names that you created in your account. You may find these commands useful to get some strings that you can use to replace those in the example:

  • gcloud container images list
  • echo $TFJOB_BUCKET

Examine tfjob.yaml and see what parts you’ll need to modify so the settings will point to the resources you’ve created. Hope this helps!

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