C3W3 Lab 2 My quota has been exceeded

Helllo ,

My quota has been exceeded for “Distributed Multi-worker TensorFlow Training on Kubernetes” lab. How could I solve this?

I have been doing /submitting this lab at least 4 times, may be that caused me exceeding quota. I am stuck on “Preparing TFJob” and here is what I have done for this part.

  1. Retrieve lab-files from github.
  2. Build the image and push it to the registry.
  3. Used my project ID to update saved_model_path and checkpoint_paths of tfjob.yaml in Cloud Shell Editor.
  4. Submit the job using kubectl. " kubectl apply -f tfjob.yaml"
  5. Check the status of all pods using “kubectl get pods”. Status doesn’t change to Running, it always show “ImagePullBackOff” till the labs end.

Thank you so much for your precious Time.

i have same problem any solution for this

[C3W3 Lab 2 My quota has been exceeded]

@ksp I posted this problem about 2 days ago and I am not getting any reply from mentors either. I believe 1 h 30m is not enough for this lab, learners from some countries might not be able to pass this lab in time because of Low Internet Speed or some technical difficulties (unfamiliar with cloud environment). It would be grateful if they would extend the lab time for new comers.

Yes i agree . lets hope they can extend 2 labs for us . due to lab session limit we are unable to clear this course . lets hope get positive reply

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Hi Kenjiro and Surya! Thank you for reporting. I will escalate this issue now and let you know the solution asap.

I used complaint at help center quicklabs team responded very quick they sort out problem they re-set my limit and i submited assighnment


Hi Kenjiro! As Surya mentioned, you can use the Help Center on the lab page to report and get an extension:

Thanks Surya for the tip!

@ksp Thank you so much for you precious help.

@chris.favila @ksp Thank you so much for your Help and your precious time.
I reported my issue to “Qwiklabs Customer Care” and they reset my lab as @ksp mentioned above.

And It was my bad that i could not pass in time. I left one step to complete the lab and that caused me “ImagePullBackOff” error.

Now I passed this lab with 100% :smile:


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@Kenjiro I am also getting “ImagePullBackOff” error. Can you please help me out.

This is my second attempt, but not able to debug this