C3W3 lab exercise 5 ClientError

I’m getting this exception
“ClientError: An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the CreateWorkforce operation: Your Cognito user pool does not have an associated domain. Use the Cognito CreateUserPoolDomain operation to add a domain to your user pool.”
in the dictionary I have
‘UserPool’: user_pool_id, # Replace None
‘ClientId’: client_id
which seams the only logical option to me, yet I’m not able to run without errors.
On the cognito_idp.create_user_pool_domain step I’m getting: “Amazon Cognito user pool domain groundtruth-user-pool-domain-1642865188 already exists”

Hello Deni,

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Did you run the previous cell before creating a workforce(first cell of exercise 5) .
You can only create one workforce per region, therefore you’ll have to delete any other existing workforce.
Delete existing workforce and your problem will be solved .