C3W3 - update the image field

I have a doubt regarding the update of the image field of the tfjob.yaml
I need to know how to update the --saved_model_path and --checkpoint_path arguments.
I would appreciate your help.

Solved. I had two problems that difficulted my work.

  1. I had third-party cookies blocked in my browser so the Editor did not work.
  2. I don’t know why, after enabled the 3rd party cookies, the file was not acknowledged until I insisted and it was a valid one. Not sure what happened here, but in the end, I could edit the TFJobs.yaml file and change the image and args as requested.
  3. A detail that I did not notice was “- bucket” at the end of the new paths.
  4. I just recommend starting the graded labs as these sort of small details could complicate the approval, especially if it is your first time working with Kubernetes, Google Could, and so on. As in my case.
    Hope this helps someone else.
    Best wishes
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