C3W4 Assignment - Jupyter Notebook Instance Never Finishes Setting Up

I am trying to complete the lab for C3W4 (Identifying Bias in Mortgage Data). I am able to get to the point where I create the bucket, and then supposedly create the jupyter notebook instance with the correct resources and location.
But the lab says:
After a few minutes, the Vertex AI console will display your instance name, followed by Open Jupyterlab .
For me, the lab never stops spinning up the instance, as shown in the attached gif. I’ve tried moving the instance closer to my geographical location, using different versions of the Tensorflow template, but no luck. I can’t complete the lab because I can’t get past this step. What should I do?

Wow! It took about 30 mins but it finally loaded

I also wait long time, finally I can enter the jupyterlab instance, however can’t check process.

I also experienced this issue – it took me about 20 minutes for it to load. Pretty frustrating. And also, afterwards, it failed to recognize the jupyter lab instance was up for the next two checks. Would be nice if the google qwiklab team or whoever is responsible for maintaining it could fix it soon.

Hi everyone! We are investigating this issue. Please monitor this other thread for updates. Thank you for reporting!