C3W4 Graded External Tool : Auto Grader Issue


Issue 1: Clone Sample Code
Auto grader is asking me to “clone training data analyst repository”, even though i have done cloning repository.

Issue 2: Explore the What-If Tool
Auto grader is asking me to “download a subset of the mortage dataset form Google Cloud Storage”, even though i have completed downloading dataset.

This is my first submission for this lab and I am afraid this grader issue would lead me to exceeding my quota.

Thank you so much for your precious time and help.


Hmmm that is strange. Can you try deleting the cloned repo, redownloading it, then check if the grader detects that? Also make sure that you’re cloning it in the directory that is mentioned in the instructions.

Hi! I have the exact same problem as Kenjiro for both steps:

  • cloned repo: I tried to delete the cloned repo and redownloading it but the grader still doesn’t seem to detect it
  • notebook: the grader also asks me to download a subset of the mortgage dataset (I tried to shutdown the kernel and to download it again after I redownloaded the repo, with no success)
    My grade for the assignment is therefore 65% (corresponding to the parts the grader detected correctly).

Which directory would we clone the repo in? From the screenshot displayed in the qwiklabs page (showing the repo’s contents) I guess we should clone it in [Home] (in the image the contents are in [Home] > training-data-analyst). Could you please confirm or correct?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Kenjiro and Hubert! As of the moment, I can’t replicate the issue. I was able to complete the lab with the instructions as is. It seems the download directory won’t be a problem as I presumed because you are by default in the correct one when you clone the repo. Can you try reporting this to the Qwiklabs support channels and see if there is a problem on their end?

Hi chris, and thanks for your answer. It appears the issue has been solved: I have just been able to complete the lab with the grader tool working perfectly well.


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I am also facing the same auto grader issue

@Pooja Please report your issue to “Qwiklabs Customer Care” as @chris.favila mentioned above. Choose Email Support . Make sure to include Your Student ID, Project ID and the name of the lab or its URL in your mail. They will respond and solve your problem within lab time.

While you are waiting their respond, please don’t end the lab or close the tab.