C4_A2_Art Generation with Neural Style Transfer

Hi everyone. I’m working on the last assignment of Course 4 (the second one from week 4 ). I can’t understand why I’m seeing this error when I run the 3rd cell (ss attached). Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Saad_Khan,
Welcome to the community. Have you tried restarting your kernel, and running all the cells again? This error usually shows up when the cloud computing service is unable to allocate sufficient resources to your kernel. If not, then do try it a couple of times. I hope this helps.


It’s possible this is another flavor of the GPU capacity limit issue that Coursera’s platform is experiencing.

If so, then “Try again later, when the GPU farm might be less busy” is perhaps worth trying.

Thanks to both of you. It worked when I tried a while later.

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