C4_W1_lab2_windows terminal problem with docker

Hi, i have a problem with this

But if i try to paste few string (from github), they run one by one and gives an error message too.
I use Windows Terminal.

From what I see on your screen, the \ character is not being parsed properly.
The purpose of having \ is for continuing the command in the next line. Since this seems to lead to issues on windows, please remove the \ character and make the entire command fit in one line and run it like this:

docker run --rm -p 8501:8501 --mount type=bind,source=/tmp/tfserving/serving/tensorflow_serving/servables/tensorflow/testdata/saved_model_half_plus_two_cpu,target=/models/half_plus_two -e MODEL_NAME=half_plus_two -t tensorflow/serving

Run the curl command on a new terminal

I’m sorry! I didn’t read the assignment carefully. It says to run from wsl2 (for windows user) but I run from windows terminal.