C4 W1 MobileNet, can number of computations be reduced further?

I am on this slide right now (I hope you can see the screenshot - it is on 10:44, when we compute number of operations for pointwise multiplication).

It seems like when we calculate the first layer of the result stack (on the right) we are using 2 vectors: 1x1x3 from the input and 1x1x3 from the filter.
When we calculate the second layer, we again use the same 2 vectors.

So as far as I can see all the layer of the output will be the same as they are calculated using the same vectors.
The question is: can we skip the multiplications we do not need and just copy the values from the first layer?

Maybe I’m just missing your point, but note that the filter values are different for each output layer. E.g. in that instance there are 5 different 1 x 1 x 3 filters, so you need to do everything 5 times.

Oh, that is true @paulinpaloalto - their initial values are random, and every filter has unique behavior. This explains the idea. Thank you for clarifying this for me!