C4 W2 Autoscaling TensorFlow Lab

I receive the following error when trying to begin the C4 W3 Autoscaling TF lab:

The QwikLabs team confirmed the following: “The lab “Autoscaling TensorFlow Model Deployments with TF Serving and Kubernetes” is offline due to maintenance. We will update you once it is available.”

Hi Jason! Thank you for reporting. We’ve also submitted a support ticket regarding this. Will update this thread once I get more info.

@chris.favila I have the same error in this lab, as well as the other one “Implementing Canary Releases of TensorFlow Model Deployments with Kubernetes and Istio”.
The latter one has been resolved by assigned as completed. I wonder if this lab will follow the same solution

Same here:(
Hope to have it resolved soon.

Is there maybe a potential deadline for resolving the issue? My subscription will end up soon and I want to finish the specialisation.

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Same as @Daniel_Wlazlo . I have to extend my subscription just because this lab has error and can’t be graded…

Hi everyone! I’ve escalated the concern to our partners. The maintenance is indeed taking longer than usual. I apologize and will update this thread as soon as I hear from them. Hope we get some good news soon!

Hello again! The lab is now accessible but it looks like a problematic command is not yet updated. If you run into a 403 AccessDeniedException when downloading the resnet model, you can use this command instead:

gsutil cp -r gs://jk-models/resnet_101 gs://${MODEL_BUCKET}

Will let our partners know about it so they can update. Thanks!

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