C4_W2 Scaling Infrastructure Q1

The question is “Why is managing scale paramount when serving a sophisticated model?”

One of the options is about training: “The costs of training deep neural networks with billions of operations on massive datasets are high.”

I think it should not be one of the correct options, WDYT?

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However, what I can do is to invite you to watch again the video about this topic:

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Thank you Kader and Happy New Year! The question is about model serving, but one of the “correct” options is about model training, I think it’s wrong but I don’t know where to submit the concern.

After you having looking at this concern, I will remove this post. Thanks!

Hi Zheng,

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You are most welcome and we appreciate you have suggestion to maybe improve contents.

For such, I would suggest to post your concern on the quizz page itself:

There is a “Report an issue” blue link button at the bottom (cf screenshot below):

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