C4 W3 and W4 download slowness 2023.DEC

I wanted to download the program assignment after i finished. However the zips are all quite big and my download speed is only ~30KB/s these days while i am in Singapore. Is this the case for others?

I just tried downloading the Art Generation Files.zip file, which is 441MB and it took me maybe 35 seconds. Didn’t really time it but did the “one thousand one, one thousand two …” method of counting. So that works out to 12MB/sec or thereabouts.

So whatever the limitation is on download speed, it’s not on the Coursera server side. It must be somewhere between you and Coursera.

The download speed is fine now in the morning. Seems server side issue from time to time

If you’ve ever played around with using traceroute to see how things actually connect on the Internet, there are a lot of steps between your computer and whatever the webserver is that you are accessing. So it’s a bit hard to know where the problem is when things get slow. In a way, it’s actually kind of amazing that things work as well as they do in general.

Hi @paulinpaloalto,

Just to add to this, and this is from my own experience. Every time I do “download all files”, the download speed is pretty decent. But whenever I try to download specific files (instead of the entire workspace), that’s when I notice lag in download speed from Coursera side. Not sure why that is.

If I want to download a specific file, honestly, it is much faster to download the entire workspace and get that specific file, than to download it/them seperately.